Bergamot And Basil Essential Oils Benefits Are Many 

Together they make an incredible blend that is not only enticing from a scent perspective, but garners a long list of physical, spiritual and emotional benefits

The crisp fragrance of fresh green citrus, herbaceous undertones and warm, slightly spicy aromas. This blend is quite universally appealing, but men in particular tend to gravitate towards this combination.

Essential Oils For Abundance & Prosperity

Did you know the refreshing blend of Basil and Bergamot essential oils is also known as the prosperity blend or a general well-being blend? Together this blend is said to foster peace, prosperity and abundance in all areas.  Some cultures add a few drops of this blend to their purse or pocket to increase wealth or diffuse it in the office or board room to increase success. Not only does it smell amazing, but it relieves tension and clears negative energy, what could be more perfect for the office. 

Want to hit the ground running for a prosperous day why not start your morning shower routine with this pure botanical body wash

History & Origins

The origin of the word bergamot is actually Turkish and means "the princes pear". However the origin of the tree seems to be somewhat of a mystery, although some believe it originated in South Asia.  However it has been grown and cultivated for centuries in many parts of the word, including Italy.  Italy is is were the majority of it is grown today.

Historically Bergamot essential oil was used in both Italian folk medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for digestive issue as well as for cleansing and clearing the skin.  Also said to be used in witchcraft as it had magical properties for enhancing love, protection and of course luck.

Most people think of basil as Italian, but in fact it is native to Asia.  Indian being one of the most dominant regions for this herb and were much of the essential oil is produced. 

Historically the oil was used to cleanse wounds, fight infection, ward off bacteria and to strengthen the mind.  In some orthodox church cultures they used it to prepare holy water. Perhaps that is why it is also know to ward off evil spirits, used for purification and to create a clear path to heaven for our beloved dead.

In addition basil and bergamot are known for their sensual properties.  Both known to be aphrodisiacs' why not use it in a massage to help stimulate your passion. This is the perfect body oil blend to help you out

Lets just review some of the many benefits of this amazing, practical and magical oil blend: 

  • Uplifts your mood and stimulates your mind
  • Both basil and bergamot have expectorant properties, reducing cough cold and flu symptoms.
  • Both offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant benefits.
  • Clears negative energy
  • Attracts prosperity and abundance in all areas

We love this essential oil blend and think you will too!