How Cucumber Oil Benefits Your Skin

Posted on May 31 2018

You may not think much of the simple cucumber but this well-known vegetable has amazing skin healing and restorative properties.

Our extra virgin, organic, non-GMO cucumber oil is extracted solely from the seeds and is comprised of 60% linoleic acid (part of the Omega 6 family).

It is a quick drying oil that makes it excellent for a range of skin types from acne to dry as it is anti-inflammatory and improves moisture retention.  Cucumber oil also has an abundance of oleic acid, which make it a powerful antioxidant slowing down the aging process and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oleic acid also strengthens the integrity of the cells and helps to heal eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. And it is, of course, a fantastic treatment for the reduction of puffy eyes.

Our Cucumber Hydrosol is made from the whole plant including the cellular water from the plant. This is a gentle yet very effective way calm sooth and moisturizer, conveniently, throughout the day. 

This hydrosol can also be used as a facial toner that promotes elasticity and a reduction in pore size and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Keep this hydrosol handy to refresh, hydrate, soothe rashes and burns.

You can find these ingredients in the following products:

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