Hydrosols The Must Have For Any Skin Care Routine

You’ve probably heard of hydrosols   but not exactly sure what they are.  Sometimes they are referred to as hydrolats, distillates, or flower waters.  We like to call them wonder waters.

What Are They

The word hydrosol is derived from the Latin word Hydro, meaning water and Sol meaning solution. Hydrosols are the co-product of the distillation of essential oils. They come from plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, bark, and more. They are aromatic waters that contain the same therapeutic constituents as the essential oils.  Because the concentration of these constituents is slight in comparison to essential oils, they can be applied safely and directly to the skin.

What They Are Not 

Often floral waters are simply water that has had essential oils added to it and then contains an emulsifier to blend the two. Well, they may smell good THESE ARE NOT THERAPEUTIC.  They do not contain the essence of the plant in every drop.  Applying these to the skin is not more or less beneficial than regular H20.

How They Differ From Water

Water, depending on its source can often range from 7-9 on a PH scale. The PH on our skin is between 4.5-6, so water is actually drying to the surface of the skin.  Hydrosols, with few exceptions, have a PH range of 3.8-6.  So, they not only help to maintain the skin's acid mantel but also assist with cell turnover, especially those with a slightly lower PH; not to mention the whole array of benefits from the plant's constituents.

Some Of The Amazing Skin Beneifits

Every hydrosol that we use has its own unique skin-loving benefits, and even more so when synergistically combined with other hydrosols.  With far too many advantages to mention here are just a few:

  • Increase cell turnover
  • Aid in the production of healthy cells
  • Even skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Anti-bacterial – fight against infection such as acne and rosacea
  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation, calm and soothes rashes, irritations, and atopic  dermatitis including acne and rosacea
  • Plump, hydrate, tighten, and tone

Hydrosols are a compliment to any skin care routine.  Take them with you for a skin boosting and refreshing pick me up throughout the day, or to treat specific concerns.  At Calli we not only have a great line-up of individual hydrosols, but we also have our unique signature blends formulated with multiple hydrosols to give you a powerhouse of synergistic benefits. 

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