We love this wonder water! And, it bears repeating just what it is and what the benefits are to your skin. 

Rose water can come in a number of forms, but the one you really want to know about is Rose Hydrosol. This is the “True” rose water.  Rose hydrosol is essentially the condensate water co-produced during the hydro distillation of the essential oil.  It is so much more than just water.

Rose hydrosol, produced from rose petals, contains the essence of the plant in every drop.  Some of the constituents from the rose petals are lipophilic (oil loving) and produce the essential oil while others are hydrophilic (water loving) and therefore creates “rose water” also known as “rose hydrosol”.

Ok, so now we know what it is. Why is rose water good for our skin? 

Rose is one of the most complex plants with up to 280 different constituents found in the petals alone. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of this water:

  1. Hydration & Wrinkle Treatment – Rose water is a humectant which draws and maintains moisture to the skin, which every single skin type needs to look and feel plump and hydrated. When combined with frankincense hydrosol,it makes for a fantastic wrinkle treatment.
  2. Sebum Balancer – Rose hydrosol with a slightly acidic PH is perfect to maintain the skins own natural oils. Our natural PH is around 5.5 which is mimicked with rose hydrosol.  Water on the other hand is normally around a 7 PH and can dry our skin out.
  3. Reduce Redness and Even Skin Tone - With potent anti-inflammatories, rose water calms and soothes the skin while reducing redness. Making it an excellent treatment for rosacea and sensitive skin.
  4. Pore Purifier – Acts as a decongestant which aids in cleaning your pores. When combined with geranium hydrosol, you have a powerful combination which works on the middle layers of your skin promoting a brighter more even skin tone.
  5. Anti-Oxidant – Full of free radical fighting molecules this water will protect your skin against pollenates while depositing nutrients. When combined with immortal hydrosol this is a must “take everywhere” product.

We love this water so much. We use it in almost all of our face moisturizers and creams and in two of our Signature Blend Hydrosols - Cell Renewal and Regenerate - which maximise its benefits through synergistic blends. 

Key products that have rose water:

Signature Blend Hydrosol - Cell Renewal

Signature Blend Hydrosol - Regenerate 

Triple Rose Cream