Acne breakout’s minor or major, are never fun. Wasting money on products that don’t work or using products that clear up the pimples, but leave us with dry flaky skin or extremely sensitive skin is not what we want either.  But can you really clear up your acne naturally and have glowing healthy skin? – Yes you can!

My own struggle getting rid of acne

I suffered massively from breakouts and cystine acne in my 30's and into my early 40's. At that time, I was in the world of finance and putting my face forward everyday. I often felt embarrassed, and frankly, like I wanted to put a bag over my head. 
I started using a big national brand that required a monthly subscription.  After that, my skin did clear up, but was also very dried out. It even hurt to put water on my face as it was so dry. In addition, it caused me to become sensitive to just about everything.  And, what’s really frightening about many of these over-the-counter products is that they can bleach your washcloths. Yes, your washcloths! You know it can’t be good for your skin. I was desperate for another solution.
I immersed myself in the world of aromatherapy studies, I truly became fascinated by the healing powers of essential oils and hydrosols (plant waters). The origins of aromatic plant therapy are indeed ancient and have been used to treat, heal and create beauty elixirs for thousands of years. The more I studied medical aromatherapy I understood that essential oils and hydrosols in synergy were even more effective. 
It is these synergies, the ability for them to penetrate the dermal layer and the addition of other organic compounds and plant based AHA’s that are at the basis of all of our acne products.  

Can I heal my acne breakouts in just one step?

The short answer is it depends on the severity of your acne, but yes you can.

Most people think that if they did just one step, it would be washing their face with an acne cleanser. However, it’s not the one step that will solve your issues.

Why washing your face is not the one step answer?

  • It takes 25-30 seconds for ingredients to pass below the epidermis and longer to penetrate below the dermal layer. Most people do not wash for more than 10-15 seconds and to get into the blood stream we need about 1 minute or more depending on the formula.

So, what is the one step that will get rid of acne?

  • Welcome Hydrosol Blends. Repair Hydrosol which is synergistically blended is your one step answer to minor to mid breakouts. 

  • You simply spray and go! if you don’t wear make up you can do this as often as you desire throughout the day. The more the better.

  • It will heal, hydrate and nourish the skin.

How does simply spraying this Hydrosol get rid of acne?

  • The molecular size of the constituents in essential oils and hydrosols allows them to penetrate below the dermal layer and enter the blood stream, which is necessary for cellular regeneration.

  • Synergically formulated they are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, cell regenerating.

What’s the difference between the Hydrosol Blend and the Acne Toner?

  • The Signature Hydrosol Blends consist of pure hydrosols that are synergistically blended that maximize the skin healing effects. Hydrosols (hydrolats) are the co-product of the distillation of essential oils and contain the essence of the plant in every drop.

  • Hydrosols can spray and go.

  • Calli’s Acne Toner is made with hydrosols, but also contains vitamins B3 (niacinamide) B5 (Dl-panthenol), organic sulphur and multifruit acids. These ingredients make for a powerful acne treatment. This is used on a cotton pad and mixed in with creams and masks for a super boost.

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