Rose oil tends to get all the good press and it's well deserved because the benefits to your skin are amazing. But it's time to shine the light on another wonder ingredient from nature: Cucumber Seed Oil.

Cucumber seed oil is extracted solely from the seeds of non-GMO cucumbers. It is cold-pressed and unrefined which means all the good stuff has been left in. Although cucumber seed oil can be a bit pricey, it's definitely worth the investment.

Let's get a little technical about the amazing skin benefits

  • This oil contains approximately 60% linoleic acid (omega 6) an essential building block for ceramides, one of the skin's main moisturizing elements. Linoleic acid increases the strength of the barrier of the skin which helps to keep it hydrated, healthy, and fighting the aging process.

  • It also contains an abundance of oleic acid (omega 9) and when combined with linoleic acid (omega 6) it makes for a powerful anti-inflammatory with astringent and healing properties making it amazing for treating acne breakouts. It is also excellent for those with sensitive skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

  • The omega acids in cucumber seed oil give it a soft, silky, almost silicone-like feel but with amazing benefits.

  • With phytosterols at approximately 5000 parts per million, it deeply penetrates the dermal layers and aids with the structural and functional integrity of the skin.

  • It also acts as an anti-radical shield protecting us from pollutants and elements.

  • The seeds also contain Phenylalanine, an amino acid that slows down melanin transfer.

  • Excellent for protecting the delicate eye area while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Women in India and China have been using cucumber seed oil in their skincare routine for thousands of years and it's been a staple in the Calli Essentials line of products since the very beginning. If you're going to make an investment in your skin, this is definitely a product you want to have.