Treating Eczema and Psoriasis- Effectively and Naturally 

Winter months can be hard on the skin.  If you suffer from Eczema and Psoriasis, flare ups can tend to be worst in the winter months.  Toggling between hot and cold indoor / outdoor air, wearing layers of clothing and having less exposure to sunlight can lend to these skin conditions.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of eczema and psoriasis. Environmental elements and overall health tend to be some of the main triggers, although genetics can play a role too.

Can you stop if before it starts?

YES!!  We are going to break down the prevention into three different areas. The first will be how to create a more ideal environment. The second is some ways to stay healthy and the third and our favourite, skin care.

Environmental Protection

You can not change mother nature you. You can do something to create an environment that is more conducive to healthier skin.

Soft Breathable Fabrics - While we tend to layer up in the wintertime the types of fabrics, we choose to wear can have a considerable impact on these skin conditions.  Try to stick to cotton or cotton blend fabrics as they are more breathable.

  • Avoid Sweeting if Possible - When we sweat, it’s salty and that can tend to dry out our skin and sting. While this can be a challenge to avoid, especially if we are active outdoors and we layer our clothing.  You will want to ensure that your base layer is a fabric that is moisture wicking. Moisture wicking is different than breathable.  There are lots of high-performance sports wear brands that will have you covered.  If you want to go all natural, then merino wool is the way to go. 
  • Tidy Up - Keeping your home environment clean to ensure allergens are at a minimum is important. I am a pet lover and I have two big, beautiful dogs that shed. Vacuuming daily or mopping your floors may not seem like fun, but it can make all the difference. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes a day, but it makes a huge difference in removing allergens in your home. Also, keep your bedding clean.  My dogs love to come up on the bed with me so I’m always sure to have a top blanket that I can shake out or change often. Make sure you do this with all your pet linens.
  • Use a Humidifier - Often our homes can be very dry in the winter months. This is due to heat sources and our geographic locations such as high-altitude areas. Consider using humidifiers in your home to bring some moisture back in the air.
  • Use Essential Oils - We love all things aromatherapy! Utilizing essential oils in your home is a great way to purify the air and boost your immune system. Whether you use essential oils in a diffuser, add the essential oils to your humidifier, or use a room spray made with pure essential oil. These are great ways to purify and amplify your space. Check out these fantastic diffuser blends to do just that. 

Stay Healthy

Perhaps more than ever in this hyper sterile environment we need to ensure we are doing things to boost our immune system. 

  • H20 - Yep good old-fashioned water. This may not seem obvious, but water is one of the best ways to detoxify your body and of course stay hydrated. Preventing dehydration helps your organs to function the way they are supposed to, especially your kidney and digestive system.
  • Herbal Tea - Not only can this help you stay hydrated, but if you are consuming 100% caffeine free tea that include herbs like ginger, lemon, echinacea, elderberry and cinnamon to name a few; you’re giving your immune system a boost.
  • Diet - We all know this but eating a healthy diet rich in whole plant-based foods that contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals is essential. And of course, eating healthy fats like olive oil and those found in clean fish sources such as salmon.
  • Sleep – Getting enough sleep on a consistent basis is vital to our overall health. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of zzz’s for you.  Try spraying your sheets with one of our Pure Aromatherapy Sleep Sprays to help you relax and doze off even faster. 

Taking Care of your Skin

We saved our favorite subject for last.  We love creating skin care products that are clean, plant-based, vegan, and nutrient rich. Taking good care of your skin is an important part of your overall health.  When it comes to atopic dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis there are some fantastic products to help prevent and treat these conditions.

Of course, prevention is the best bet and while it takes a little extra effort, it’s so worth the benefits.  We first want to talk about one of our favourite ingredients to treat eczema and psoriasis and just about every skin type – and that is Colloidal Oatmeal.

Colloidal Oatmeal was discovered in 1945, by finely grinding the oat and boiling it to extract the colloidal material. The chemical composition of this modern version of oats contains a high concentration of starches and beta-glucan which is responsible for the protective and water-holding functions of oat. 

The presence of different types of phenols, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making it a great treatment for dry, itchy, and irritated skin like what is associated with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other atopic dermatitis issues. Perhaps, and most importantly, it’s not just effective, but gentle and good for use on the most sensitive skin, including babies.

This ingredient is found in our Revitalize Plus moisturizer and in our Milk and Oats Bath Soak.

Best Ways to Prevent and Treat

Skin Moisturizers - We cannot over emphasis the importance of this.  Using a good, natural moisturizer that contains nutrient rich ingredients is key.  Colloidal oatmeal is a favorite, but also oils such as black cumin rich in thymoquinone (TQ), a powerful anti-inflammatory. Oils, such as rice bran: nature’s highest source of ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant, fatty acids. and vitamin rich oils such as wheat germ, castor and evening primrose aid in cellular regeneration and the building of healthier cells

  • Warm Water Soaks -With these types of atopic dermatitis skin conditions, you really want to avoid hot baths as they can make your condition worse. However, a warm bath in skin nourishing ingredients such as coconut milk and oatmeal will calm, soothe, and restore balance to the skin. Also, consider salt baths with magnesium and mineral rich dead sea, himalayan and epsom salts. Here are some great bath soaks to consider. 

  • Concentrated Boosters – Synergistic combinations of pure carrier oils and essential oils that give a super boost to healthy cell regeneration hasting the healing process are a great addition to your care routine. Essential oils such as frankincense, carrot seed, immortal and blue tansy combined with black cumin, rice bran, wheatgerm and more can be applied direct to the skin or mixed in with creams and lotions.  Massage these oils into areas of concern. It takes a few extra minutes, but so worth it.

While keeping these conditions at bay takes some time, it really is worth it.  And, when it comes to skin care there are also some self-care added benefits such as;

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Sense of calm
  • Mental clarity

Stay healthy and have soft nourished skin!