Are you someone whose skin is too dry or sensitive for cleansers? Or maybe you're the opposite, you have oily skin and/or acne and need to use a strong cleanser.

We're about to introduce you to your face's new best friend: Cleansing Milk

Just What is Cleansing Milk? No, it's not made with actual milk. Cleansing Milk is a gentle cleanser that does not foam or contain any surfactants or harsh cleansing agents. It's ideal for every skin type especially those with sensitive skin, dry skin, or rosacea. And if you have acne skin and use a stronger cleanser, cleansing milk is a great first step to remove makeup and impurities, also known as the double cleanse method.

So how do you use Cleansing Milk? Pretty much like a traditional cleanser but with a few more benefits.

Dry Method: 

You can initially apply this cleanser to dry skin using your fingertips or a cotton pad to assist with the complete removal of makeup. Simply massage in a circular motion over your entire face for at least 30 seconds; take a clean washcloth, run under warm water, and hold to your face for a moment or two before gentle removing. Rinse, and repeat

Damp Method:

Apply to damp skin with clean hands in gentle circular motions. Use a clean warm face cloth to remove or simply rinse with your hands and pat your face dry.

You really want your cleansing milk to contain ingredients that are not only gentle to the skin but also aid in soothing, healing, and depositing nutrients.

Look for ingredients like chamomile and calendula that are healing and cell regenerating, and ideally enriched with vitamins like niacinamide (vitamin B3) which helps to improve the surface structure, smooth the skin and improve barrier function, and pantothenic acid ( vitamin B5) which improves hydration and prevents water loss.

Our pure botanical Cleansing milk is a rich and creamy cleanser (and vegan) that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Once you try it, you'll never go back to your old washing method again.