Chemo / Radiation Care Package with PICC Line Cover


The products in our chemotherapy/radiation care package contain pure botanical ingredients that are helpful, hydrating and work to relieve the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. These products aid in reducing nausea, vomiting, hot flashes, dry and sensitive skin.

In addition, Calli Essentials is proud to work with AyaCovers and offer a limited selection of PICC Line cover colours here.

Each Package includes:

  • One Simply Citrus Lip Balm: Universally appealing, this lip balm is healing and deeply moisturizing thanks to cocobutter, jojoba oil and the anti-viral anti-bacterial benefits of castor oil.
  • One 240 ML Revitalize Plus Hand and Body Moisturizer with soothing and healing ingredients such as shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, black seed oil and evening primrose.
  • One 120 ML Signature Hydrosol Blend (choose from 4 options) 

Aya has an extensive collection of colour and pattern options; including waterproof covers and headgear.  You can shop direct

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