Pink & Ivory Clay Mask


100% Pure Earth Clays & Botanical Extracts
Chemical and Pesticide-Free
Skin Types: All, Especially Sensitive
Enhances Any Beauty Routine

The Pink and Ivory Clay Mask is a gentle blend of Rhassoul Clay, Australian Ivory Clay, and French Pink Clay. This clay combination is best suited for sensitive skin. Helps to rejuvenates your skin's appearance, improves elasticity, cleanses, detoxifies, removes dead skin cells, and increases cell renewal.

Key Beneficial Uses

  • Australian Ivory and French Pink Clays Gently Clean, Detoxify and Exfoliate
  • Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile, and Cucumber Extracts Calm, Soothe, and Heal
  • Banaba Leaf, Rosemary, and Seaweed Extracts Deposit Nutrients and Improve Skin’s Appearance


  • Cleanse your skin and open pores by steaming or placing a hot cloth on your face. Apply a thin layer evenly over the face and leave on until dry (about 5-10 minutes).
  • You can spritz the mask as it is drying with your favorite hydrosol or toner for additional benefits.
  • Rinse with a warm face cloth followed by a generous
  • splash of cold water.
  • Use once or twice per week
  • Clays will stain. Ideally set aside a few cloths  just for this purpose

Contains: Rhassoul clay, Australian ivory clay, French pink clay, Extracts of chamomile, seabuckthorn, cucumber, wheatgrass, rosemary, and banaba leaf, chamomile hydrosol, Benzylalcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid 

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