About Us

Calli Essentials was born out of a desire to create natural skin care products formulated with botanicals, hydrosols, vitamins and essentials oils that are nutrient-dense, effective and feed your skin at a cost-effective price.

While we have evolved over the past seven years one thing that has never changed is our commitment to ensuring our customers are satisfied and always doing so with a personal touch. By cutting out the middleman we are able to formulate our products with the highest concentration of nutrient-dense ingredients, at a fair and affordable price.

We never formulate our products with, silicons, chemical solvents, PEGS, or any other petroleum by-products.  

We always formulate with hydrosols, essential oils, and botanicals.

We always use raw materials that are produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides and are from sustainable sources and preserved with Eco-Certified broad-spectrum products.

We will always switch out a product that you are not satisfied with at no charge to you.

Nourish your skin, naturally.

Thank you,


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