What is the difference between Calli Essentials and off-the-shelf products?

Off-the-shelf commercial products require a shelf life of 24+ months. Although Calli Essentials products contain a broad spectrum preservative, it is less than 1% and eco-certified (classified as ecologically friendly raw material based on EU regulations and accepted by Whole Foods). Our shelf life is less because our products are nutrient-dense with high quality, pure and natural carrier oils, hydrosols and botanical extracts. Additionally, there is a high concentration of these quality ingredients in all our products, unlike off-the-shelf products which contain trace amounts of botanical extracts and are made up largely of water and synthetic ingredients. A high quality ingredient means dense, nutrient-rich products that are effective and good for your skin.

How long before I see a difference in my skin?

Well most people tell us they see an almost immediate difference; our skin is in a constant state of renewal. How long it takes to produce new skin cells depends on age, health and diet - on average we can assume 4-8 weeks.  If we feed our skin with quality ingredients that help balance the skin, encourage cell growth, strengthen existing cells & protect the skin and couple that with a healthy lifestyle, aggressive treatments are not really necessary. Remember you are working on promoting the growth of new and healthy cells so it is very important that with any skincare product you use, you must allow 4-8 weeks to see the overall effects.

What if I think my skin is more than one type?

If you are not sure which skin category you fall into and think you may need products from more than one category of our standard lines, please feel free to contact us with any questions. (For example, you may have sensitive and Mature skin. We can direct you toward the products best suited for your skin type.)

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are potent by-products of a plant's metabolism. They are stored in the plant's leaves, stems, plant hairs, petals, roots, bark, resins and oil ducts. These substances are the essence of the plant and are extracted in a variety of ways, typically via steam or water distillation, or cold pressing in the case of many citrus oils. The end results are the powerful substances we call essential oils that are healing, nourishing, cell regenerating and so much more.

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils 'carry' the essential oils to the body, but they are so much more! Carrier oils are powerful in their own right and are made up of chains of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Carrier oils deeply penetrate the skin, depositing many skin healing, nourishing and cell regenerating properties. Carrier oils are extracted by cold pressing. Calli Essentials uses only uses natural vegetable carrier oils, never animal or synthetic oils.

What are therapeutic grade essential oils?

It is important to note that there is no official rating agency for determining 'therapeutic grade' but the term is used to describe oils that are unadulterated, 100% natural, extracted through proper methods (such as steam or water distillation) and produced in small batches. They are free of chemicals and pesticides. Oils used by the pharmaceutical industry (which are the oils most often used in over-the-counter products, perfumes etc.) are often diluted or adulterated and are extracted by methods that do not protect the therapeutic constituents of the plant and therefore have little (if any) therapeutic properties. Rose essential oil is a good example - you can often buy this oil in health food or organic stores, but beware: if you are paying less than $500 an ounce it is an adulterated oil.

Is Calli Essentials organic?

Organic means grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers and no genetically modified organisms. While we do use certain organic products such as cold-pressed carrier oils, organic does not necessarily mean therapeutic. Because most certified organic producers have the food and cosmetic industries as their largest customers, they distill in methods that allow them to produce much larger quantities and therefore have little or no therapeutic value.

Can I get samples?

Many of our products are sold in a 58 ML or 2 ounces size which is also legal for airline travel.

Why is the product sometimes a different colour?

Because essential oils and carrier oils come from plants grown in different regions around the world we are dealing with changing weather and soil conditions, giving the essential oils  and carrier oils slightly different characteristics. Like fine wines, they can vary from year to year or batch to batch.

Why you should feel good about using our products:

1. Whenever possible we source our ingredients from Canadian wholesalers and manufacturers.
2. We focus on ingredients that come from sustainable sources and ensure the people who supply these products are paid a fair wage.
3. Selling our products directly to you allows us to use the most nutrient-dense ingredients to create skincare solutions that are effective and affordable.