Our Ingredients

At Calli Essentials we pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients that have been consciously sourced from all over the world.  We purchase direct from distillers, producers and wholesalers with the highest standards for ethically sourcing, quality, sustainability and governance. 

We always use raw ingredients that are Non-GMO and produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides and whenever possible, organic 

We always use raw ingredients that are cruelty-free and never tested on animals

We always use botanical sources and formulate products with no animal derivatives  

We always use glycerin that is vegetable derived and eco-certified

Hydrosols 30+ 

The most unique set of ingredients that we blend and formulate with. Hydrosols are the co-product of the distillation of essential oils and contain the essence of the plant in every drop.  They are in fact their own aromatherapy and are filled with skin healing, soothing and regenerating benefits.  

Essential Oils 100+ 

Our essential oils are grown and cultivated specifically for their therapeutic properties.  Always grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides, our essential oils are chosen for their soothing, healing and medical benefits

Carrier Oils 40+ 

Our carrier oils are unrefined, virgin, cold-pressed or expeller-pressed, ensuring that all of the plants valuable nutrients and active compounds are maintained.  Refined oils are bleached, deodorized and often heated to temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit or in the case of solvent extracting below -30 degrees Fahrenheit. These methods allow for a greatly extended shelf-life, but strip the end product of much of the nutrients. 

Peptides and Bioactives 

Our clinically proven peptides and bioactives are results driven for wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, collagen production, pore reduction and more.  All are material is derived from bacteria or fungi, produced biologically by fermentation of a microorganism and never from animal sources and never animal tested.

Liquid Botanical Extracts 30+

 Our liquid botanical extracts are always glycerin extracted.  Glycerine extraction is a longer process than chemical extraction and does not give the same extended shelf life that chemicals do.  Chemical extraction is the most common practice and trace elements of solvents such as ethyl acetate, hexane, methanol, dichloromethane and acetone are left behind in the product.

Dried Botanical Extracts 30+

Our dried extracts are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Clays and Muds 

Responsibly sourced in Canada and internationally, our clays and muds are rich in nutrients and minerals.


We only source butter where there is fair trade, particularly shea butter. In the case of shea butter, we only purchase from suppliers that are part of Shea Butter Alliance. Their mission is to design, develop, and deliver strategies that drive a competitive and sustainable shea industry worldwide and to improve the livelihoods of rural African women and their communities. Butters are often cultivated in areas of the world that are most susceptible to exploitation of women and we never source from these types of suppliers.  

What does eco-certified and cosmos approved mean?

  • environmentally friendly production and processing that respect human health
  • development of the concept of green chemicals
  • responsible use of natural resources
  • respect of biodiversity
  • absence of petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanols, perfumes and synthetic colorants
  • absence of GMO