Our Philosophy


At Calli our philosophy is really not that complicated.  While there are many natural skincare and wellness companies on the landscape, Calli Essentials is uniquely rooted in Aromatherapy.  We do not apologize for this or downplay the role that essential oils and hydrosols take in our formulations

  • We believe in the healing intelligence of essential oils, hydrosols, plants and the incredible effectiveness when synergistically blended.
  • We believe in science and incorporate the use of clinically proven botanical cosmeceuticals including peptides and AHA’s.
  • We believe in using truly clean botanical extracts, no glycols or any other petroleum extraction.
  • We believe in using carrier oils that are not just organic but cold-pressed, unrefined, unbleached, and un-deodrized, leaving the nutrients fully intact.
  • We believe in giving the customer the most nutrient rich and effective products at the fairest price.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of  our philosophy is fair price.  We do not put a few pennies worth of natural ingredients in pretty bottle and charge you a massive markup.  We pack our products with nutrient rich botanicals and actives, that are effective and nourish your skin.  All of this does not have to break the bank.

Effective, natural skincare and body care products can be accessible to everyone.  We are a Clean Skincare and Wellness Company with a simple goal. We want our customers to love their skin and nurture their wellness.

Aromatherapy products that truly nourish the skin, balance the mind and ignite the spirit. Ingredients for the body, mind and soul.