Our Story

Our story continues but in a new location. In 2023 Calli Essentials moved its small batch manufacturing to beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.  From our new home we continue to proudly serve all of our Canadian, US and international customers.

Our female founder, Lorelei Hummel started Calli Essentials in 2011 fueled by her own severe adult acne issue which she suffered from in her 30's and early 40's. She had tried many of the typical mass-produced skin products and no over-the-counter solutions solved her problem.

In her early twenties, she had worked with an aesthetician who was also an aromatherapist who helped solve her acne issues with the use of essential oils. From this experience, Lorelei became personally interested in learning more about aromatherapy so she enrolled in international aromatherapy studies and was certified in 2012.

Calli Essentials continues to innovate and introduce new products that are always plant based, effective and always rooted in aromatherapy.

We believe in the healing intelligence of essential oils, hydrosols and plant extracts. But, specifically the incredible effectiveness when synergistically blended.

We will always provide clean skincare products that treat, prevent, hydrate, heal, nourish and rejuvenate.

Calli Essentials goal is simple.

We want our customers to love their skin and nurture their wellness.

Aromatherapy for body, mind and soul.

Natural. Nutrient Rich. Effective.