Our Story

We are a Clean Skincare and Wellness Company.

Our female founder and internationally certified aromatherapist, Lorelei, started Calli Essentials in 2011 out of a desire to create skin care products that are not just natural, but nutrient rich, and truly effective in solving skin issues; at a price that people can afford. 

Lorelei’s desire to launch Calli Essentials was fueled by her own adult acne skin issue. She tried many of the typical mass-produced skin solutions in the market and no over-the-counter products were solving her problem. 

So, she began to solve it herself. 

She enrolled in aromatherapy studies and immersed herself in the world of natural skin care solutions. 

She became internationally certified and launched her first line of natural skin care products in 2011. 

Calli Essentials goal is simple. We want our customers to love their skin and nurture their wellness.

We know that using natural products derived from plants will nurture and nourish your living skin and enhance your overall well-being. Only the highest quality of ingredients, with the right blend of nutrients will deliver the most effective results.

Natural. Nutrient Rich. Effective.