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Based on 525 reviews
Grab a facial

Love that this facial cleanser exfoliates while also giving a nice cleansing. Personally, I feel as though my face has had a facial.

Helps Acne!

Bought this about six months ago and have loved it. Takes off any makeup I use and leaves my skin feeling soft. I've had less breakouts and the scars I had look like they're fading.

Bye Bye Acne!

I have struggled with. my acne since I was a teen and thought I would escape in my adulthood. I as wrong. Along with my sensitive skin and tight student budget this cleanser does it all! I can use this product twice a day and my skin just loves it. It has cleared up my acne like magic and now I get so many complements on how clear my skin is. I will never give this up!

Better than Botox!

One of my favourite! Keeps my skin moisturized even though the dry winter months even around my nose where I struggle most. No more flaky skin for me! I even have some friends who think I get Botox!

Amazing TONER!

This toner did something I thought no product could.. it made all my skin the same colour! Helped to correct some redness and dark spots! Also helps me fight my acne! I love a product that has amazing results, is good for me, my skin and smells amazing! Should 100% be a staple in your skincare routine!

No More Exhausted Looking Eyes

It's the greatest. Aging is undeniable....but this eye cream just changes your look. I love it. Wouldn't do without it!!

Smooth Cleanse

Vibrance cleanser just removes so easily your makeup and eye mascara - it's wonderful. Your skin feels not only clean but also hydrated.

Rich and Nourishing

This moisturiser is so silky and smooth - just goes on so easily and absorbs so quickly into your skin. I just love it. It combines so well with whatever you put on your skin. You can feel the hydration immediately.


I mix with my cleansing milk and find that it is really helping with pore size reduction.

it WORKS!!!!

My son has been using this product for years now when his rosacea flares up and need soothing. Takes the redness away and calms his skin.

give your skin some well deserved nutrition.

You wont be disappointed!!! it is like dipping your face into the fountain of youth.. try it and you will be writing the same review.
skin always feels nourished and soft and glowing.

when you CAN read the ingredients without a dictionary you KNOW its good for you and your skin!!!!

luxury product without the luxury pricetag. not greasy , no silicone feel. Absorbs into the skin and takes away the dryness everytime !!!!

I love this product, so refreshing

Serenity Aromatherapy Candle

This candle makes a much appreciated and very thoughtful gift for that outstanding hostess, over-the-top teacher or as a thank-you to a special person. What better gift than something that promotes relaxation thereby nourishing the mind and body.

Amazing product!

The shave cream is amazing. I’ve always struggled with razor rash, and this has definitely helped a bunch! Smells great as well!

Daily moisturizer / vibrancy anti-aging

Once again CALLI Essentials has hit it out of the park - this time with their moisturizer. My mature skin feels supple, soft and appears better than ever! Highly recommended!

I am obsessed with the citrus scent of the Elevation line. Normally I have trouble with scents but this one is great. And the moisturizer works great on dry skin.

I absolutely love the Triple Rose Cream! It feels so luxurious going on and has such a beautiful subtle scent and the results are incredible. I have rosacea but you wouldn't know it, I've been using this cream for years now and it's simply amazing, the wrinkles are also reduced. I pair it with the Cell Renew Hydrosol which makes my skin glow and look radiant, I can't go without either one, the best skin care ever!!!

The Cold Sore Lip Balm is AMAZING!!!! I’ve struggled my whole life with cold sores and this is the only thing that has been able to stop a cold sore from fully forming! When I don’t catch it in time and get one this stuff gets rid of it in a matter of days! The best part is it shrinks the cold sore until it’s gone so I don’t deal with the usual weeks of a scab or red mark left behind!

I LOVE the Glacial Clay Mask, it is my Sunday self-care must-have. I highly recommend it as well as the Intensive Hair Repair Serum, it’s the best thing I’ve done for my hair, it feels fuller, shiny and not brittle anymore, both are fantastic products 10/10!

Love love love

I’m so pleased with this moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated without it being too heavy and breaking me out AND it’s affordable! I highly recommend it.

at -home spa feeling

I have been using these products for a long time and I am very satisfied with the results. The body wash is gentle and never leaves my skin dry or itchy. The body oil doesn't ever feel greasy like other products I have tried. My skin absorbs the oil almost immediately and eliminates my dry skin. The body lotion locks in the moisture instantly. All of the spa products leave a soft lingering fragrance.

first order and happy with purchase

had been looking for green myrtle spray for eyes and found this product on calli site /so decided to try a few of their
other products:
including the Calm Hydrosol and the Triple Rose Cream.
have been liking all the products and would order again.
quebec, canada


I am 8 wks new to Cali and Honestly the best product line I have used. Very happy with this cream my skin feels so great and looks fresh. The line has so many items I am trying to figure what is the best for me and narrow it down. You will not be disappointed.

Really feels nice on the skin and there is no over powering scent.