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 Amazing Skincare Products...Replenish Body Oil is To Die For...Thank you so much for making such amazing skin care products. I LOVE them. I had been searching for a lower price point natural skin care alternative...et voila...Lorelei's products appeared.  My face feels so fresh and clean after the cleanser. And the body oil (Replenish) is to die for. I gave the pain relief spray (Relieve) to my landlord who is suffering from a sore shoulder and she was really impressed.  And before I forget, saw my 15-year-old niece over Thanksgiving who is extremely sensitive about her skin due to acne and she remarked, "Wow...have you been doing Botox?" Andrea O. (Collingwood)

I LOVE REACT. It's better than any big brand bug spray you'll buy and if you do get bitten, it will take away the symptoms of the bite after the fact. AND it works on animals, including horses. My horse, Wasabi had bites all over... a few sprays of React and his bug bites went away. Lorelei, you're a GENIUS!   Sue from Mississauga

I Was Ready to Try ProActiv...But CalliSkin Acne Formula Really Works
I am 15 years old and like most teenagers, breakouts were always a problem with my skin. I was ready to try ProActiv when I had heard about Lorelei's Clear & Correct Acne Formula. The spot treatment and the 3-step skincare process has helped my skin so much.  I am amazed how quickly it worked and cleared up my breakouts.  If I do have a time that they start to surface because of some stress, I do the face mask and it puts it all back in control again.  I really like the product because it really does work!!  Megan D. from Oakville

I Feel Indebted. I have suffered from cold sores for 35 years now, from the age of 7 and still now at the age of 42. In the beginning, they would creep up every picture day, every slumber/pool party, seemingly every first date, sometimes even getting sent home from school at the sheer size and indecency of them.  Now later in life, it’s with every cold/flu, deadline and sometimes over the holidays.  I soon realized that they were brought on by lack of sleep and/or stress. I have used one of every product available out there, in front and behind the pharmacist counter. Every gel, ointment, patch, daytime and nighttime regiment….have to’s & don’t do’s, every wives tale and until recently I wouldn’t accept an ingestible medication from my doctor.  Likely thousands of dollars spent.  Given that, the worst part is that they still last 3 weeks before finally clearing up. I tired the Calli Essentials Respond Cold Sore Treatment and like magic, my cold sores are minimal in size, far less intense and do not last more than 5-7 days!  Equally as wonderful, the healing of the area is unbelievably fast!  I will never use another product and/or cold sore gimmick again.  The sense of relief is priceless. Shari J.

Your Cold Sore Products Saved My Lips. Your cold sore products work and they work AMAZINGLY!!! I haven’t gotten one since I started using it, and I have had tingling in my lips at least a dozen times by now. My last weekend was super stressful, I had tingling and period – usually even Abreva can’t help in this situation and I end up with breakouts – but OMG!!!! Respond & Resist Cold Sore Treatments saved my lips!!! I still ended up getting breakouts of pimples on my face, but not cold sores!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kate (Toronto)

(PS Kate - we have Rescue Blemish Serum for those pimples!!)

Your Oil Cleansers Are AMAZING. I tried this product last night and I must say it is simply AMAZING!!! My face felt silky smooth. I did this before I went to bed and even when I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt my skin and it was still so unbelievably soft. I highly recommend this product. Linda P.

I Could Never Go Back to Off-the-Shelf. Although I’ve always had a very clear complexion I’ve notice that my skin feels softer and firmer since I started using Calli Essentials almost one year ago. My face is moist even in the dead of winter, but most pleasing is the customization of the ingredients using essential oils that respond to my physical needs with aromatherapy that pleases my senses.  I especially love the cellulite body cream...it just feels right.  I could never go back to simply buying off-the-shelf when I can have the luxury of high-quality custom products at drugstore prices (the bonus).  Maria R.

Customized Support and Quality Products Fixed My Skin Problems. 
I have tried many different products over the years trying to correct issues such as adult acne and dry skin and I have to say that only with Calli Essentials skincare products did I really see a difference. The customized and personal support coupled with quality skin care products fixed my problems. I use the sensitive skin care line and I receive compliments from others about how good my skin looks, but more importantly to me, I have finally found a product that is not only affordable but completely meets my personal needs and actually works. Dora P.

I Struggled with Acne & Rosacea and Now I Get Compliments on My Skin! I have struggled for 30 years with various skin issues such as acne and rosacea. Since I've started using Clear & Correct 40's & Beyond, my skin is smooth and clear, with no flushing, breakouts or sensitivity. I finally get compliments on my skin which I never thought I'd hear! I love using these products for their natural scent and texture, and the results are absolutely amazing.  Patty, age 42 

This is GTA's Best Kept Secret. Calli Essentials is a total skin care experience!  I love how Lorelei customizes each product to my skin type.The products are all natural, leaving my skin feeling cleansed and nourished with earth's best ingredients! And if that's not enough, the prices are very affordable. This is the GTA's best-kept secret! Thanks, Lorelei!  Melanie (Mississauga)


My Skin is in Love!! My skin is in love (as am I) with your product line! My skin feels like I've had a facial every day!! Soft, moisturized and cleaner!! ...my skin feels healthier and not as dull. So, Thank You!!  Maire (Sudbury)

My Psoriasis is Tremendously Improved. I have four specific areas (tricep area and outer forearm on both arms) with psoriasis which have shown varying degrees of dryness, redness, and itchiness over the course of the last 15 years  but has persistently recurred and, in fact, spread from quarter sized to softball sized.  Nothing I tried seemed to work very well until now. What a remarkable difference!  There is virtually no trace of the psoriasis.  I started using Remedy for Psoriasis once a day, sometimes every day, sometimes every other day. To the best of my recollection I have not made any other significant changes to my diet, lifestyle, or surroundings.  Thus, I can only attribute the improvement to the oil. If you have psoriasis or other skin conditions it is definitely worth your while to give it a try.  What have you got to lose?  Franc G.

Both My Husband and I Use the Skincare Line. Both my husband & I love the face products. We have enjoyed the mask several times together and my skin feels terrific and soft after. We love knowing we are only using all natural products on our skin and our skin has never been clearer. Also, the natural fragrances smell awesome, even after leaving the room & coming back in! Jennifer P. (Oakville)

I Have Never Had Results Close to These Results. I have been using Calli Essentials products for the past year which has resulted in a great improvement in my skin's texture and luminosity and an overall fresher look. I am in my 50’s and have used multitudes of other products, many being really expensive, and have not had results come close to what the Platinum Line does for my skin. Terry K. (Hamilton)

Even the Doctors Were Surprised How Quickly My Hand Healed. In 2012 I had an unfortunate run-in with a horse and my hands lost! In January of 2013 I had a second operation where they had to rip the tissue back down to the bone. Everyone (including the Doctor and the Hand Therapist) told me six months before the hand even looks reasonable. Lorelei gave me some Restore Serum for the scarring and Recover Serum for the bruising and inflammation...and it was incredible! It helped the scarring, the inflammation, the mobility and my level of comfort...even the Doctors were surprised. Check out my before and after below (after only 3 months!). Krisztina N. (Oakville)