Aromatherapy Room Spray with Pure Essential Oils - Sacred Forest


This beautiful blend of Sandalwood, Ho Wood, and Black Pepper pure essential oils will truly indulge your senses

A warm woody rich aroma with spicy and slightly sweet undertones; this blend will amplify your space, ground you and enhance romantic moods!

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate odors and amplify your space
  • One of perfumery's most revered oils, Sandalwood is not only grounding and sensual but also air purifying
  • Ho Wood know as the oil of peace is grounding and deeply relaxing and like Sandalwood also purifying
  • Black Pepper Oil Relieves anxiety and reduces tensions and has aphrodisiac qualities so combined with sandalwood adds a little extra spice to your mood.
  • Eco-Friendly packaging 

        How To Use

        • Shake before each use
        • Release 4-8 pumps into the air, more for larger spaces
        • Keep in the bathroom to refresh your space
        • Spray onto linens, fabrics, and pet beds
        ingredients: Essential oils of sandalwood, howood and black pepper

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