Clay Mask Gift Sets / Includes Brush Applicator & Sap Headband


This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to indulge in spa moments. Choose from one of our four best-selling face masks which is then paired with a super soft adjustable white spa headband and reusable brush applicator. All put together with an instruction card and packaged in a beautiful organza gift bag.

Choose From

Glacial Clay - One of The Most Mineral Rich Clays in the World!! Speeds Up Circulation, Detoxifies and Exfoliates, Tightens Wrinkles and Leaves Skin Feeling Silky, Hydrated and Totally Refreshed. Great for normal, oily, or acne skin types

Dead Sea Mud - Contains 26 Essential Minerals, 12 of Which You Can't Find Anywhere Else. This mask will cleanse, remove toxins and impurities, Deposit nutrients and gently exfoliate. It is good for all skin types but is especially good for skin which has acne, enlarged pores, or dermatitis.

Pink and Ivory Mask -  A gentle blend of Rhassoul Clay, Australian Ivory Clay, and French Pink Clay. This clay combination is best suited for sensitive skin. Helps to rejuvenates your skin's appearance, improves elasticity, cleanses, detoxifies, removes dead skin cells, and increases cell renewal.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Mask -Not all charcoal masks are created equal. Not only do we use activated bamboo charcoal because it is one of the most renewable resources, but also because it is a powerhouse of other skin-nurturing botanicals that are great for all skin types. All the ingredients in this mask are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Deeply cleans pores removing toxins and blackheads. Neem extract (also known as the "village pharmacy") fights acne, controls oil, and treats dermatitis and infections while gently exfoliating the skin. Rosemary Vitamin B3 and licorice root extract regenerate the cells, promote even skin tone and treat hyperpigmentation.

Apply on clean skin, ideally after a facial steam or shower, rinse with a warm cloth and finish with a few generous splashes of cold water to close pores. Use once or twice per week. (Clays will stain, so be sure to set aside some washcloths just for your masks.

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