Hydrosol / Melissa (Lemon Balm)


Melissa Hydrosol, also known as Lemon Balm Hydrosol is fresh and slightly herbaceous. It has a lemon-like aroma that is more gentle than that of Lemongrass Hydrosol.

Topically, Melissa Hydrosol is anti-inflammatory and can help with skin irritations. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and an anti-oxidant that can be used to treat a variety of rashes caused by the shingles virus, cold sores, diaper rash, psoriasis, and eczema. This is a non-stinging, non-acidic hydrosol (with a perfectly balanced ph5 level) that is great for use with babies.

Some use it in toners for oily, acne-prone skin. 

Contains: 100% Pure Melissa Distilled Directly from the Plant

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