Peppermint Foot Cream & Retreat Sleep Spray


The Sleep Encourage-Mint Gift Set

It's the season of peppermint so we're celebrating too because this mint isn't just for freshening your breath. It helps to: 

Relieve the effects of tiredness
Treat muscle pain and stiffness
Provide cooling relief in hot weather
Relieve headaches

Our best-selling Peppermint Cream is formulated with lactic acid to exfoliate and penetrate even the toughest skin, and the coconut and grapeseed oils will leave them feeling baby soft. But the icing on this peppermint cake is the addition of peppermint essential oil to relieve aches and that tired feeling your tootsies are experiencing.  

Then it's time for the pièce de ré·sis·tance... Lavender Sleep Spray to help your entire body rest well. 


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