Revitalize PLUS Moisturizer - With Colloidal Oatmeal


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Monika Platt

I use this moisturizer daily to help control my Psoriasis on the legs. It works wonderfully

Tracie Grotzinger
Your Products Are The Bomb!

Hello..I got my products yesterday and just wanted to tell you I think they are the bomb! I was a massage therapist and energy healer for years..and find your products to be so full of life and beautiful comparison to other brands of aromatherapy..I think you guys are one of the very best out there..I hope this comes as true praise

Pam Champagne
Soothing soothing - Calm

I swim almost daily. I cannot stand for my skin to be dry or itchy and I find Revitalize plus is absolutely perfect for me. Calms my skin right down. Then I can swim😊

Julie Bridgman
Revitalize Plus Perfect

Revitalize Plus Moisturizer has helped my itchy skin through menopause. I love it for all the itchy skin calming benefits. My husband uses it for his eczema. I love that the ingredients of all the Calliskin line are truly natural and pure. Our skin works for us every day, we should thank it with all natural and pure products. Thank you Calliskin 🙏

Tara Charvat
Much better than traditional medicine.

My husband had a battle with eczema for years and after using the remedy healing oil for approximately 3 months it was gone!! Now he uses Revitalize Plus to keep it at bay. Way better than cortisone and other chemicals! It has been a life changer.