Spa Blend - Aromatherapy Body Moisturizer


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Mary Ellen
when you CAN read the ingredients without a dictionary you KNOW its good for you and your skin!!!!

luxury product without the luxury pricetag. not greasy , no silicone feel. Absorbs into the skin and takes away the dryness everytime !!!!

Jennifer Peterson
My Daily Body Moisturizer

I love the scent and how well this lotion moisturizes my dry skin. It works better than any other moisturizer that I have used to hydrate my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. I use this product in the morning and at night - everyday!

Anne McNamara

I LOVE this product! The moisturizer goes on beautifully, smells incredible and makes my skin feel so soft. I feel like I've been to the spa after I put the moisturizer on. Quite possibly, my favourite Calli product.

So good I had to buy two more

I LOVE this moisturizer-extra creamy and moisturizing but NOT greasy. It smell so AMAZING that I had to buy the body wash as well to use in the shower. I am so hooked on it that I bought a bottle for my bedside table and my office desk. Seriously ...try this! You won't regret it!

Jeanne M.
This Is A Special Moisturizer

This is a special moisturizer, very rich and hydrating and the most glorious gentle scent. It always gives me an….ahhh moment