The ancient Egyptian record of Frankincense being used for almost everything dates back over 5,000 years. Indigenous to the Middle East, Northern and Central Africa, its multitude of uses are, perhaps, due to the fact that this tree grows and endures in the most difficult of regions.

If harvested properly and with conservation in mind; simply wounding the bark on the tree allows for the resin to surface and be harvested for distillation of the oil with no harm to the tree.

At Calli Essentials we use Frankincense that is produced from the United Arab Emirates and Oman which have a proven track record in sustainability. Although it is worth noting that countries such as Kenya and Somalia are working hard to ensure sustainability is at the forefront.

There are a multitude of studies that have been done and published in recent years on different types of cancer. Almost all of them evidence (in vitro) that frankincense kills cancer cells. And topically applied have reduced tumor size. This is still preliminary but offers hope and fantastic that modern medicine is willing to look at natural alternatives

And of course, Frankincense has an amazing ability to increase healing of the skin including:

• Burns
• Scars
• Wounds
• Fading of hyperpigmentation
• Increased cell regeneration and purifying the skin.

The oil and the hydrosol benefit virtually every skin type. We use it in many of our products such as:

Cell Renew Blend Hydrosol
Men’s Tonic & Aftershave Hydrosol Blend
Triple Serum
Vibrance Tonic
Vibrance Daily Moisturizer
Vibrance Rehydrating cream
Remedy Healing Oils For Eczema & Psoriasis