What is Dry Brushing

What exactly is dry brushing? You most likely have heard of it, but may not be sure of exactly what it is or why you should do it.  This is a must self care ritual you will want to grant yourself, the benefits are so worth the time.

Benefits Of This Ritual

We truly all need to incorporate rituals of self care into our busy lives.  Self care serves so much more than just us. When we take time to honour and care for ourselves, every person in our life becomes the benefactor.  Dry brushing is a definite must and the benefits are so much more than just healthier skin.

Stimulates The Nervous System

This might be one of the best outcomes from dry brushing.  Stimulating the nervous system slows our heart rate and breathing, lowers blood pressure and promotes good digestion.  All of this means we are less stressed and more energized.

Detoxifies & Drains Lymphatic System

The physical action of dry bushing unclogs the pores by removing dead skin cells. This removal of dead skin cells helps the skin to better eliminate toxins through sweat.  Additionally, it stimulates the circulation which in turn promotes proper drainage of the lymphatic system.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Removing dead skin cells makes your skin smoother and better able to absorb nutrients. Therefore, resulting in more radiant, glowing skin. 

When to Dry Brush

The best time to dry brush is right before a shower. This allows you to wash off all those dead skin cells you have just removed. Be sure to apply a nutrient rich body oil or body lotion right after.

When Not to Dry Brush

Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from dry brushing, however you may want to reduce the pressure you use.  Never dry brush on open sores or cracked skin, like that from weeping eczema.  You also want to avoid brushing over any raised moles, bumps or other skin abnormalities.  If you do notice anything out of the ordinary on your skin, you will want to contact your doctor or dermatologist.

How to Dry Brush

  • Starting at the base of your feet, use long fluid upward strokes.  Be sure to pay attention to how the pressure feels and adjust accordingly.
  • As you approach your torso and back it may be easier to use circular or downward strokes.
  • Don't forget the neck and décolletage area. These areas can be more sensitive so again pay attention to pressure.
  • Jump in the shower once you are done.

Important Tip

Although we have already mentioned it in this article it bears repeating.  Be sure to liberally apply a rich body oil or body lotion  right after you are out of the shower.  Your skin is smooth and clear of dead cells and ready to absorb the nutrients.

How Often to Dry Brush

Dry brushing can be done daily if one desires. Ideally you are dong this 3x or more each week. Every single day we lose 30-40,000 dead skins cells, so exfoliation is truly necessary.

The Best Type of Dry Brush

When choosing a dry brush it is best to select one with a long handle, this allows you to brush even those hard to reach areas.  In addition, the longer handle allows you to more easily choose the amount of pressure you would like to apply. 

Be sure to choose a brush with natural bristles.

At Calli, we truly believe that everyone should change their everyday skin care and bath & body routines for beautiful rituals of self-care.