Nourishing Body Skin Care Routine

Taking care of the skin below our necks, AKA "the rest of our bodies"; is trending in 2024, but really skin has always been "in". A body skin care routine means taking care of our largest organ, not just our face, but our arms, legs, torso and feet.

As important as a body skin care routine is, it does not need to complicated. Some good basic steps will nourish your skin, and elevate your overall routine making it something you look forward to. 

 The Anatomy of Your Body Skin Care Routine 

A daily body care routine is really as easy as 1,2,3. Build in a one to three times a week routine that adds a few more steps, will bring you even bigger big pay offs. It is worth the extra time. 

Daily Body Care Routine

  1. Wash with a PH balanced gentle wash - It is important to use a gentle PH balanced cleanser as the acid mantle on our skin needs to be maintained. In addition you want to ensure that it is well suited for intimate feminine areas. Hydration is also key, so humectant ingredients that draw moisture to the skin are very important. Vegetable glycerin is a very effective humectant, in some cases even more so than hyaluronic acid.  Skin nourishing essential oils serve to elevate the overall bathing experience while botanicals like coconut, calendula and grapeseed add moisture and extra softness.
  2. Body oilSeal in moisture with a body oil rich in ceramides and essential fatty acids. Ceramides increase moisture levels and repair dry skin. Fatty acids which include omegas 3,6, and 9 help to form a healthy lipid barrier and prevent irritation, dryness and infection. Balance this with skin nourishing essential oils, and you take the experience to a whole new level. Botanical oils have small molecules which allow them to penetrate below the dermal layer, thereby depositing the nutrients like the ceramides and omegas deep into the skin. Simply massage into skin immediately after bathing or showering. 
  3. Body moisturizer - Moisturizers include an oil loving and water loving phase that is then formed into an emulsion. A good natural botanical body moisturizer will not only deposit additional nutrients to the skin, the emulsion helps to form a protective barrier. This is important to protect the skin from environmental elements such as pollutants and weather conditions. 

1-3 Times Per Week Body Care Routine

This routine will add a few extra steps to your daily schedule, however it reaps big benefits.  

  1. Before washing - Dry brush - Dry brushing is like prepping your skin for your product routine. Dry brushing not only removes dead skin cells, allowing your body to better absorb products, it also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The dry brush method is simple, begin at your feet and work up your body in long strokes toward your heart.
  2. After washing exfoliate - We love a good salt scrub exfoliator. Salt detoxifies the body and removes toxins. Paired with ceramide rich oils and body butters, a gentle skin softening exfoliation takes place. You want to be sure not to overdue this and never on sunburned or overexposed skin.
  3. Follow with your body oil and moisturizer.  

If you have not yet started a regular body skin care routine, 2024 is the time to begin. Remember you skin is your body's largest organ. It needs to be tended to with loving care. Your skin protects you from external environmental factors like chemicals, bacteria, weather and so much more, show it some respect. Healthy nourished glowing skin lets you put your best foot forward.