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Lynn Ross
Magic in a bottle

I love all things Calli. This was my first purchase of the cleansing oil and I absolutely love it. My face feels so refreshed, cleansed and so smooth. I highly recommend following the directions, spending 2 minutes cleansing your face with this fabulous, not to mention the glorious scent is two minutes incredibly well spent.

I LOVE all of Calli’s cleansers but this is my new FAVORITE!!

I’m blown away by the intoxicating scent, I absolutely LOVE it, it smells like a yummy tropical fruit smoothy and it feels incredible. Applying it on my face and putting a hot washcloth over my face for a minute or so feels like my very own spa treatment every night. AMAZING!!

Pure botanical cleansing oils

I love this cleanser. Started using it about 3 weeks ago. I wash my face on the morning and follow with Cali’s serum and triple rose.
My skin feels totally moisturized until I go to bed. But it’s not heavy at all. I can honestly say my skin looks brighter and it also helps with my fine lines. Thanks for the recommendation Lorelei.

New Favourite!

I was hesitant at first, but starting my morning off with facial cleansing oils is now part of my daily facial cleansing routine. My skin feels plump and hydrated after using the facial cleansing oils. The oils remove easily with a a cloth soaked in warm water. Besides totally cleaning the skin, the added bonus is that you feel as if you have had a mini facial. I use the cleansing oils at night to remove any makeup. Its surprising what comes off the face at the end of the day!

Favourite cleanser!

Oil cleansers are all I'm willing to use on my face, anything else irritates my skin and dries me out. I love this one from Calli because it's super light and has a really gentle scent. 100% would recommend!