Organic Rosehip Oil


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Kristine Baker
Great Product for HSP's - Highly Sensitive People

With all the ingredients in most face products today, it was wonderful to discover Organic Rosehip Oil. Not only is it easy to apply and absorbs gently, there is no harsh burning or tingling or any other uncomfortable feeling on your skin once it is applied. It soothed my broken out skin and calmed it to a point where the redness subsided overnight. After using it for over a week, my face is healing, and feels wonderful.

Lorelei Hummel

I love blending a few drops of the Rosehip oil with the Daily Moisturizer........highly recommend this!! It gives my skin an extra glow and my skin looks and feels soooo amazing! And I absolutely can NOT live without my triple serum. Just a few drops on my cheeks part way through my day or at the end of my work day refreshes my skin after being indoors all day. The instant glow it gives my face makes me feel so good and makes my skin so youthful! I could go on and on and on about the products.......... and the price points far better than any store bought products and such great Customer Service as well! I have added the Vibrance Rehydrating Cream with Hyluronic Acid to my order this time and will let you know what I think, but I bet it will be another amazing, must have product!

Up the Glow Factor

I use the Rosehip Oil during the day and the Triple Serum at night. Alternating the Rosehip Oil and the Triple Serum has given a more youthful glow to my senior skin. Thank you!

Michelle Kucan
Absolutely Amazing Product

My all time favourite skin serum! I have been using the Rosehip Oil for a couple of years and my skin as never looked better! I use it with the Rose Hydrosol during the day and with the Triple Rose cream at night! Once you try this product I am sure you will fall in love with it.

The Perfect Serum

This serum makes my face glow and feels wonderful I have had many compliments on my skin after using this product.