We LOVE this flower and can’t gush about it enough. This flower has so many healing, moisturizing and skin regenerating benefits we wouldn’t be able to pack it all into one little article.

Calendula flowers (Calendula Officinalis) are sometimes referred to as pot marigold or common marigold. It has been used for centuries to treat medical conditions, particularly dermatological ones. Calendula’s anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating properties make it excellent for treating acne, eczema, psoriasis rosacea, and is an excellent all-around anti-aging treatment. Plus, because of its saponin and mucilage content it has strong moisturizing properties making it ideal for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. 

At Calli Essentials we formulate many of our products with Calendula oil (macerated oil), calendula hydrosol, and calendula extract (glycerine extracted).  

If you have sensitive skin or have any of the skin conditions above you’ll love our Chamomile and Calendula Cleansing Milk, especially in these dryer colder winter months.